Current Date: March 25, 2023
webadmin Posted on 12:13 pm

Biden compared trump to Goebbels

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party, Joe Biden, has compared the current American leader Donald trump with the Minister of propaganda of the Third Reich Joseph Goebbels. His statement was broadcast on MSNBC, reports TASS.

The journalist asked Biden to comment on trump’s words that if he wins, the American President will pursue a “socialist course”.

“He’s about like Goebbels,” Biden replied, adding that trump uses the same measures. “You make a deliberately false statement often enough, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, and it becomes something known to everyone,” Biden said.

According to him, trump’s statements about socialism are an attempt to distract citizens from failures in the fight against the spread of coronavirus in the United States. The Democrat also recalled that the current President attracted the military to disperse protesters at the White house. “This guy is more like [Fidel] Castro, rather than [Winston] Churchill,” he concluded.

Earlier, during a rally held in Atlanta, trump joked that he plans to remain in power for another 12 years. In response, the crowd present at the rally supported trump and started chanting: “Another 12 years!»