Current Date: March 25, 2023
webadmin Posted on 12:04 pm

Mentions of James bond’s visit found in Polish archives

The Polish Institute of national memory found references to the visit of a man named James albert bond to Poland in the mid-60s. This is stated in the message of the Institute on the Facebook page.

It is specified that the British James bond was born in 1928. He arrived in Warsaw on 18 February 1964 as a military attache at the British Embassy. Bond took up the position of Secretary-archivist, after which the Polish secret services began to monitor him, suspecting him of espionage.

The archive report says that the Briton visited military facilities at least twice: in October and November 1964. In early 1965, he left the territory of Poland.

The Institute suggested that the visit of the namesake of the main character of the novels about the special agent, could be a joke, “designed to mock the Polish special services.”

James bond, also known as “agent 007” is a fictional British MI6 agent, the main character in the novels of British writer Ian Fleming. The first novel about a special agent, Casino Royale, was published in 1953, but Fleming’s books gained wide popularity after they were adapted into films. “Bondiana” is one of the longest-running series of films in history.