Current Date: May 30, 2023
webadmin Posted on 12:19 pm

Trump joked about plans to rule for 12 years

Us President Donald trump joked during a rally held in Atlanta that he plans to stay in power for another 12 years. His words are quoted by The Guardian.

“Will I be President in 10 years?” the head of the White house asked. “Only if we add a couple of deadlines. Here’s breaking news (“top news of the day” — approx. “”),” trump joked, noting that the media is ready to make any of his jokes serious news.

“I told you, he is a dictator, he will not give up power! Under no circumstances! He’s going to serve two more terms!» — the US President parodied possible headlines of opposition publications. Trump also complained that some of his speeches are often cut out, which makes sense. “Remember, you can’t joke. This will be cut out. Many times it happened: you joke, but with a serious face, and then you start laughing. And they take and cut off before laughing! They’re cropping! And they say, “Oh, look, he seriously wants to [rule] for another 12 years,”” the head of state said.

In response, the crowd present at the rally supported trump and started chanting: “Another 12 years!”

Trump has previously said he would agree to leave peacefully if he loses the election to Democratic candidate Joe Biden and the Supreme court confirms it.