Current Date: May 30, 2023
webadmin Posted on 12:09 pm

Trump promised to permanently end the dependence of the US economy on China

Us President Donald trump has promised to end the dependence of the us economy on China once and for all if he wins the upcoming elections. He said this while speaking to supporters in the state of Pennsylvania, reports TASS.

“Over the next four years, we will turn America into the world’s manufacturing superpower, and we will end our dependence on China once and for all,” trump said.

Earlier in September, Bloomberg reported that China is winning the trade war with the United States, it is ahead in almost all important indicators.

In August, trump said that if he wins the next presidential election, he will be ready to consider the possibility of separating the economies of the United States and China.

The US has been waging a trade war with China since 2017. In early 2020, the parties decided to make mutual concessions and concluded the “first phase” of the deal, then Beijing agreed to buy more American goods. However, later the American side accused China of hiding data on the spread of coronavirus and refused to conclude the “second phase of the deal”.